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- Inside Holle -


- The King Family -

Lazarus. Age 27.

A stranger to Holle and a victim of migraines. This lone traveler type lacks the ability of internal monologue, and his (often loud) observations land him in deep trouble. He seems to have a terrible fear of long-term commitments.


Rexander King. Age 12. 

Holle's little Devil Sheriff. Harboring a serious Napoleon complex and prone to tantrums, Rex is feared by everyone in town as the trigger-happy little crusader he is. But as a child, he is quite innocent... sort of.


Victor Johnson. Age 22.

The austere owner of Holle's general store. He has some background in medicine, but it's mostly in exploratory surgery. Idolized by Rex for some reason, Victor is under the sheriff's protection in their discriminatory town.


Lizabeth King. Age 23.

A kind school teacher (who rarely hesitates employ authoritarian discipline). Young men propose to her, but God help those who spurn her.

Mily. Age: late 30's.

In the 11 years she's spent serving the Kings, she is still an enigma. She seems to share an understanding with Rederick King, as well as an animosity with Sabella King. She's often seen in the company of Athan King.


Athan King. Age 18.

Affectionate and cheerful, the "prince" of Holle also sports the wits of an aloof businessman. Despite having monopolized all supply routes and livestock in Holle since age 14, Athan rarely enters town. Perhaps it's due to his questionable origins..?


The Butler and Maid. Ages: late 20's and early teens.

Although locked into indentured servitude by one of Ebediah's legal contracts, they seem to enjoy interacting with the King family. They chatter to each other in Chinese, so it's assumed that they can't understand English.


Rederick King. Age 50.

The stern mayor of Holle and father to Rexander, Lizabeth, and Athan. A natural tyrant, he is never wrong about anything; his orders are always carried out, even if they defy ethics, logic, and the laws of physics.


The Resistance.

A vigilante group formed by the younger men of Holle who swear to overthrow the Kings' tyranny. No one pays them much attention, as Rex is constantly throwing their members in jail.


Sabella King. Age 44.

Clearly the maternal figure of the King household, Sabella cares deeply for all of the children. Second in command to her husband, Rederick, her gentle demeanor sometimes resembles passive aggression when certain subjects are broached.


Ebediah King. Age 40.

Holle's only judge and an amicable patron to the town's "ladies." Although he is the father to Lementine and Alter, he can't say for certain what happened to their mother, his late wife. He has a somewhat unhealthy interest in his niece, Lizabeth.


Lementine and Alter King. Ages 7 and 8.

Although they're a year apart and of opposite genders, the two of them are convinced they're identical twins. By now, no one bothers correcting them anymore, for fear of their biting reply. One is never seen without the other, and they sometimes finish each others' sentences.